Dos and Don’ts of a job interview!

job interview

Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview!!! Interview preparation is an important step to take in your mission to get a well paying job, and you can’t afford to appear awkward, incompetent and unfit during this exercise. This is why you must be very prepared, relaxed and ready to face all kind of questions that […]

How to Write a Good Resume

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Everyone wants a killer resume! Writing a good resume is important and knowing how to is something you need to ask yourself before hitting that keyboard and start typing everything you had done for the past couple of years – from entering that one horse town primary school, to having that job on that pizza parlor, or to having […]

How to Prepare a Cover Letter

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What is a Cover Letter? A cover letter is a document that will introduce you to your potential employer. It will basically serve as a reflection of your personality. The purpose of writing this letter is to convey to the company the reasons why you are the right candidate for them. Importance of a Cover Letter […]

How Important is a Cover Letter for a Resume?

do i have to do a cover letter

To add or not to add a cover letter in a resume can be real confusing for job seekers especially for newbies in job market. There so many questions that can arise during this dilemma such as, does it make me look professional or will it help me in improving my application? However, a cover […]

How to Say You Were Fired on Your Resume

explain why your were fired from job

Resumes do not include why you were fired! Have you ever been fired from a job or you just quit due to any reason whatsoever? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. One of the top questions asked from a large number of employees and people is how does one deal with being fired from work […]

How To Give Your Resume a Boost

give your resume a boost

If you are an avid internet user, you have probably seen this debate on several blogs whether it is right to use a resume template or if you should design it yourself. There are two aspects to this discussion: It is completely fine to use a template because it will not require too much effort […]

15 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting That Job

reasons not getting job

Have you ever wondered what is keeping you away from your dream job? Why is the recruiter not calling you for a job interview despite you meeting all the criteria? Well, if you are confused and have no answers to these questions then let us help you in solving this mystery. Landing into a perfect […]

3 Popular Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for These Interview Questions   Gоіng tо а јоb іntеrvіеw саn bе оnе оf thе sсаrіеst аnd mоst іntіmіdаtіng thіngs оnе dоеs іn thеіr lіfе. Тhеrе іs muсh tеnsіоn аnd fеаr, but surрrіsіnglу іt саn bе muсh fun. Іf уоu рlау уоur саrds соrrесtlу, thе јоb іntеrvіеw quеstіоns аnd аnswеrs gаmе саn bе usеd muсh […]