The goal is to get their attention!

Want to impress your employers with some awesome, creative resumes this year? Ever wanted to learn how to create a cool resume? If the answer is a yes, then this post will is all you need! Today you will learn how to make creative resumes at home and use them for job applications! Keep reading!

Having creative resumes is often needed among several companies these days! Recruiters are tired of seeing the same old resumes over and over again and would really like resumes that are interesting, creative and fun to read. But to nail one, you have to know how to create them and most importantly, when to use them. This post will help you with that!

How to prepare a creative resume?

A resume or CV that you send today is certainly not the same as those sent ten years ago. In the past few years, significant changes have been noticed in resumes and if you want to get hired as soon as possible, you have to implement some of these cool resume ideas immediately. Let’s find out what they are!


The personal information should be short.

There is no need to add extra stuff about your family. Nobody wants to know them. Your family details in a creative resume certainly won’t make a difference to the client. If you want to be impressive, remember to keep it short, crisp and informative. Mention your name, current work place and objective. That is it!


Display some of your personal interests.

It would also be a smart thing to do if you display some of your personal interests. Talk about that awesome blog you’ve been writing, the volunteering you just did a few months back, your previous experiences regarding social work and all the events you have organized this far. Things like this matter in resumes, especially if you want to keep it creative.


Add professional details of those that are relevant.

When you are jotting down the professional details in your resume, always remember to keep those details which are relevant. If you only happen to be changing careers entirely, then it makes sense to skip some parts. Otherwise we think you should always mention the important things you’ve done in life. They are always valued!


Add some personality.

Finally you should remember to add some personality to your resume. Make things interesting and fun for the readers to read. You should play a little with a design, add a cool cover page, show some of the projects you have done in some really cool and creative ways. Also you can write a little about yourself in the ‘about me’ part. That also makes sense!


When should you use a creative resume?

It is always a good thing to make your resume fun and creative for the recruiters to read, but always remember that you cannot use this for all kinds of jobs. If you want to work as fashion designer or a fashion stylist or maybe as a graphic designer, then it would make absolute sense to choose this kind of resume. Otherwise it may be better suited for you to choose another kind of professional resume style to land a different opportunity!